Accreditation Matters

Vast Experience

Half of all AMO firms have been in business for over 25 years and over 80 percent have been established for over 15 years. This vast experience means that AMO firms are the most knowledgeable experts about the unique needs of your property and the local market. Collectively, AMO firms manage over $289.1 billion in real estate assets. They manage approximately 2.6 million residential units and over one billion net square feet of commercial space. Rely on the expertise and capabilities of an AMO firm to capitalize on your property’s potential.

Insight on Local Markets

Partner with an AMO and expect your properties to thrive among the local competition. Whether your real estate investments are in one city or across the world, an AMO can provide expert insight on the local markets.
An AMO can also draw upon the knowledge of over 500 AMO firms and 18,000 IREM® Members worldwide for information about other real estate markets

Financial Responsibility

Every firm that applies for the AMO accreditation is subject to a financial review. Only firms that demonstrate financial stability and integrity can earn the AMO accreditation.

Outstanding Leadership

Every AMO firm has a Certified ProPerty Manager® (CPM®) directing and supervising all real estate management activities. Renowned industry-wide as the most prestigious real estate management credential, the CPM designation is only awarded to those who meet the Institute’s strict criteria in professional education, examination, experience and ethics. Put the experience and capabilities of an AMO firm’s leadership team to work for your real estate investment.

Achieving Your Goals

You can count on an AMO to manage your real estate assets with the sole purpose of reaching – and even exceeding – your investment goals. Call upon an AMO to obtain maximum returns on your real estate portfolio by improving cash flow and building value.

Integrity and Ethics

AMO firms must adhere to the “Minimum Standards and Code of Ethics for the AMO”, which is strictly enforced by IREM, or risk losing their accreditation. The code regulates the firm’s relationship with you as an owner or investor and requires AMO firms to use the utmost care in promotional and operational procedures. You can rest assured that an AMO firm will abide by the highest ethical standards and safeguard your investment. Count on an AMO firm to deliver real results.